Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sedikit Renungan

the name is fadhli and this person could be just any relevant being.

He was a little foot print on the wall of my alternate ego. We met a couple years ago back in time when I shaved my head bald. Exchanged a couple of smiles, a couple of sips and a couple of something. After a couple of hours, we were never friends. As I said, he was my alternate ego. Someone I wished he wasn't never there but kinda glad that he was.... for he, alongside with a few more shaped the very soul of me.

I never really bothered not having him around. As I said again, we were never friend. So far from each other that even a self-convincing phrase "I'm not missing you" seemed pretty much overrated.

Still....after years had gone, "he" not really his physical form but a virtual portrait, popped out. It got me thinking for a while. In the hoard of my cumulative news feeds and also in the abundance of my ignored requests, there he was....smiling.

I smiled too........for quite a while

Old school me, being unable to suppress the feeling of not knowing, I rather apologize. My first breathe said that it was a dry empty apology. As the second one blew, I just thought it was just too full, I might look psychotic and stupid.

but watever....so I said

"not that we have any reciprocated antipathy, but I'm truly sorry" *lebih kurang cmni la ayat aku....

hit the "send" button and there it had gone ! It was hard but at least I know, it was the end.

I feel better now, knowing that the little rather sinful foot print on the wall is a indeed a gentle friend and also a kind reminder.

face your past but
"dont look back in anger" (oasis 1996)

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