Saturday, January 15, 2011

And I thought....

"In New York, concrete jungle where dream are made"
cik Alicia Kekunci

Aku cam sokong jugak la apa yang dia cakap. Sebelum datang US ni, aku berkobar kobar la konon nak jadi scientist. Dah plan dah nak ambik double major tanpa pengetahuan JPA dalam bidang biotech and marine science. Tapi lepas a few trips to New York, hati cam dah mula tawar.

The sound of the high heels clacking against the floor has literally ripped off the science-ish dreams away from me. People rushing here and there with starbucks latte in their hand make me realize yang there is more to life than just being obsessed over grades and academics. Mula-mula macam kelakar gila tengok diorang lari sana sini, ntah kejarkan apa la. Ada yang lari punya laju sampai terlondeh bra la.


Tapi after 4 months, baru aku faham. It ain't about how fast you get to something, it is about all the finer things waiting along the way. It is the lifestyle here yang I really really admire. It is not JUST about how well you perform but ALSO about all the things you know.

I've made up my mind. Malas dah nk ambik animal science ! Aku nak venture into something yang boleh guide aku utk explore all the possibilities in life ! I want a little bit of business, a touch of real estate and finance, garnered with incredible sense of fashion and embellished with pure personal confidence from a diverse education.

So screw it, you gave a D for my organic chemistry. I'm smart and I know it. Fresh breathe for new semester, no more stressing out for nothing and being paranoid trying to love up to people's expectations.

p/s aku tak reti la nak olah2 kisah aku, nak kasi supporting details and stuffs. but personally, California marks a new beginning, San Francisco especially.

Alcatraz Island

in one of the cells

Fishermans Wharf

sourdough... (sumpah aku tak suka, haha)

Lombard St.

Next time....aku sambung dengan Golden Gate Bridge pulak. :)

p/s : adakah Mexico selepas ini ??


nanie kamarul said...

nak ikut! =[

C.E.@ said...

hahaha....u'll one day. :)

WAN said...

1 day belanja me to alcatraz...sokmo tgk dlm game..sokmo berangan nok tngok tmpt tu...siyes

AiN said...

mu nk pegi mexico pulok??
huh, mengade! :p

C.E.@ said...

oh itu tidaklah dapat saya memberi apa apa komen....