Monday, January 31, 2011


Bukan aku tak bersyukur dgn apa yang aku dapat tp aku mcm fikir, tuhan dah bagi peluang ni, why not make the most out of it. Kat facebook aku mcm muak tgk org2 lain upload gambar vacation diorg yg mcm lebih kurg sama dgn gmbr2 aku. The very same place tapi from different angles and with different faces.

Aku jenis yg cepat tercabar so maybe that's the reason aku selalu cuba utk do something a little less typical.

Sooo.......semalam lepas skype date aku dgn babi, dummy and mr. no emotion kitorg dah siap plan summer vacation. We are going down to Miami and will be taking a 5 days cruise around Bahamas. Im really hoping that everything would go well. my displaced "muak-ness" hahaha.... I have decided that my vacation after this would be one of a kind.

Okay...korang tahu kan Disney castle tu kan, yg ada kt setiap Disneyland dlm dunia ni kan, my senior terjumpa satu castle yg sebijik mcm Disney castle tu !

So this is it..................Mount St. Michel. Tempat ni kira mcm tmpt "pilgrimage" la utk orang dlu. Aku ada terbaca la yang Mount St. Michel lebih kurg tmpt utk orang2 kaya bertaubat. Population kt island ni hanya 41 orang je !! Tak silap dlm istana tu ada hotel !

Bayangkan tengah2 selat Inggeris tu ada istana. Perggh gila mantap. People can actually walk tawaf the whole island bila air surut. Cuma pandai2 la kena lari bila air nk pasang balik. Haha

Satu hari nnt, aku akan sampai kt sini. :)

p/s : nak kawin kt sini blh ? jom!

*berenti sekejap.nak pakai baju. bru lps mandi ni actually. hahaha

Next stop would be Plitvice Lakes ! To die for !

Satu hari nanti, aku akan sampai jgk sini !

Toodles folks !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sedikit Renungan

the name is fadhli and this person could be just any relevant being.

He was a little foot print on the wall of my alternate ego. We met a couple years ago back in time when I shaved my head bald. Exchanged a couple of smiles, a couple of sips and a couple of something. After a couple of hours, we were never friends. As I said, he was my alternate ego. Someone I wished he wasn't never there but kinda glad that he was.... for he, alongside with a few more shaped the very soul of me.

I never really bothered not having him around. As I said again, we were never friend. So far from each other that even a self-convincing phrase "I'm not missing you" seemed pretty much overrated.

Still....after years had gone, "he" not really his physical form but a virtual portrait, popped out. It got me thinking for a while. In the hoard of my cumulative news feeds and also in the abundance of my ignored requests, there he was....smiling.

I smiled too........for quite a while

Old school me, being unable to suppress the feeling of not knowing, I rather apologize. My first breathe said that it was a dry empty apology. As the second one blew, I just thought it was just too full, I might look psychotic and stupid.

but I said

"not that we have any reciprocated antipathy, but I'm truly sorry" *lebih kurang cmni la ayat aku....

hit the "send" button and there it had gone ! It was hard but at least I know, it was the end.

I feel better now, knowing that the little rather sinful foot print on the wall is a indeed a gentle friend and also a kind reminder.

face your past but
"dont look back in anger" (oasis 1996)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seperti yang dijanjikan...

Sambungan update trip aku ke California yang lepas.......

nie je lah yang menarik kt LA bg aku...


oh nie Wisteria Lane...xle masuk sbb para2 isteri trdesak tgh shooting time tu..
lawa gila la Wisteria Lane ni....

mengayuh beskal dari Fisherman Wharf ke Golden Gate Bridge
seronok gila...

comel gila la couple ni..pak cik tu cool je...
aaahh jeles !

dah sampai atas jambatan.....cycle haflway sampai tgh jampatan je.
sbb hari naj hujan...gila ah lawa view dr atas jambatan nieh !
awesome gila.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

And I thought....

"In New York, concrete jungle where dream are made"
cik Alicia Kekunci

Aku cam sokong jugak la apa yang dia cakap. Sebelum datang US ni, aku berkobar kobar la konon nak jadi scientist. Dah plan dah nak ambik double major tanpa pengetahuan JPA dalam bidang biotech and marine science. Tapi lepas a few trips to New York, hati cam dah mula tawar.

The sound of the high heels clacking against the floor has literally ripped off the science-ish dreams away from me. People rushing here and there with starbucks latte in their hand make me realize yang there is more to life than just being obsessed over grades and academics. Mula-mula macam kelakar gila tengok diorang lari sana sini, ntah kejarkan apa la. Ada yang lari punya laju sampai terlondeh bra la.


Tapi after 4 months, baru aku faham. It ain't about how fast you get to something, it is about all the finer things waiting along the way. It is the lifestyle here yang I really really admire. It is not JUST about how well you perform but ALSO about all the things you know.

I've made up my mind. Malas dah nk ambik animal science ! Aku nak venture into something yang boleh guide aku utk explore all the possibilities in life ! I want a little bit of business, a touch of real estate and finance, garnered with incredible sense of fashion and embellished with pure personal confidence from a diverse education.

So screw it, you gave a D for my organic chemistry. I'm smart and I know it. Fresh breathe for new semester, no more stressing out for nothing and being paranoid trying to love up to people's expectations.

p/s aku tak reti la nak olah2 kisah aku, nak kasi supporting details and stuffs. but personally, California marks a new beginning, San Francisco especially.

Alcatraz Island

in one of the cells

Fishermans Wharf

sourdough... (sumpah aku tak suka, haha)

Lombard St.

Next time....aku sambung dengan Golden Gate Bridge pulak. :)

p/s : adakah Mexico selepas ini ??