Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gracious Lilies

YOU, 30 March 2010

Blessing be upon you, gracious lilies

Upon my words ! How have I lived without you? Oh how have I wished upon the sad star wishing you were here tonight. I would just thank your mother for giving you birth. I am telling ye, my lady, "she's the one".

I am going up the hill, riding on a limping chariot, whose vigor no longer generous. I am whistling a theatrical ballad, a tale of the a man in his Grecian sandals abiding to the mournful and forlorn state of his mind. He is falling apart. I am falling apart.

Dancing in the dark ain't no a pleasure. No warmth is felt and no lust is mentioned. Those days once belonged to those singing Gypsies are long gone, coiled by fateful wind amid spring. Then I say, "floral in spring ? Groundbreaking"........ hush hush

Hush hush..... how have I been so cold. Would you assist me? I am limping after-all. Help me from the hungry-ness of those misleading devourer, sing me a Spanish lullaby bring me to sleep for I barely have the gut for tomorrow. Take me away, somewhere only birds chirping and bees humming. Oh lets grow lilies and have 'em in pots over the shimmering glass of tea.

Do you somehow feel I am not happy? I ain't no mad at anyone anymore. Spare a gist of your blissful breath of air and search for my soul.

Because I am here. And you are not. Please me.

Spare me......................

Your dear soul
Che Engku Amin Che Engku Aziz

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Patung Buruk di Pasaran !



Maruah untuk dilelong
Harga diri untuk dijual
Ego untuk disewa
Rasa Hati untuk disepak-sepak
Emosi untuk diinjak-injak

Satu patung manusia on SALE. Harga starting baik punya. Still in good condition walaupun terlalu expired untuk memenuhi kriteria tipikal Melayu.

RM 0.00...... murah murah cukup murah

Ciri-ciri program dalaman:

# Melayu yang tak macam Melayu
# Mampu bertutur seperti orang Cina tetapi bukan bahasa Mandarin
# Fasih speakin London (ada slang)
# Terlalu multi racial
# Dibenci oleh patung2 Melayu lain
# Punya suara lantang
# Dilabel outspoken (diva)

Berminat ? Sila bida.

Harga masih boleh dirunding untuk pembeli persendirian.



p/s :

For my entire lire, I have never been this fucking disappointed. K.U.D.O.S (sesetengah) rakan Melayu ku sekalian. Selepas 2 tahun bermanis muka dan jadi baik, rupanya aku dari awal dibenci kamu. Tahniah kalian. Tahniah !!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please Ucapkan Selamat Tinggal Sebab Hati Aku Dah Tawar

Do you always have to talk to me in such fashion as if I am not a man?

Look, sometimes I know that my silver acidified punya tongue makes you feel annoyed, offended, terasa or anything but I can assure you that it is my pure intention to be brutally honest for I do really care.

Why else do you think the reason I'm so attached to you ? Now, I'd rather keep it all inside for I'm no longer sure the repertoire of good-friendship between us is mutual.

Only Storm understands how easily the weather could change. Sinner like me has soul too. Don't push me, sebab I don't want to push back. It'd get ugly.

I stuff myself in to your shoes to see, to feel how is it like to walk in those. I've walked and I've known. Crowded. A bit clustered.

But why ? You should have known better b4 you said that. Serious shittyly, I am not elaborate at all.

Look at me, don't look through me!

One more thing, whenever I say "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it"....

It means that,
"Hell yes, I mean it but I'm apologizing for I'm making you upset"

.........A guy like me would always want to avoid THAT KIND of face.

So apa pun dalam jeruk pekasam ini, aku cuma nak kata

"Oh I'm sorry, I really really didn't mean it"

Oh ya, just in case you're reading this, feel free to know that my hati tawar already. But ya, things will get better for you for I'm taking A LOT of steps back and it won't be like before anymore.

I shall pray you'd live better this way.

Now, please bid your farewell to me.

I have had my run and I think I'm done.

Thank you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A scrap from the future

To future lover, 6 March 2010

Unto my dear lady, assalamualaikum.

Nights ain't conspicuous without your soul. Stars shall not smile in the absence your warmth. The moon, the moon would fall down when you are not around. As I recommend my truly desire to you, I pray long for Allah to preserve you in both body and soul, my dear lady.

I miss you. Ain't even half of what I feel inside. Shall I preserve ? Help me. So much often, in the troth of missing you so badly, I kiss the same air you might be breathing in. Oh amid those dreams, how I kiss the air makes me feel funny myself.

As for me, after all these years, I have endured such pain and fights all by myself. I've had my run. Those struggles and clamor seem to worth nothing without you by my side. And now, I've gotten one good tidings, a scrap piece from the future. If it is not too much of a humble poor form of me to ask, would you want to share the taste ?

Rutgers University of the Garden State has accepted me. I am thrilled, i reckon. Are you ?

Sometimes, writing this is painful. Do I make myself look folly ? Do this what they call stupid ? My welfare hasn't been good. I wake up with a bang in my head like tonnes of granites fired all at the same second. I'm sick and I am unhappy and THIS soothes me to the very soul.

Herein, I shall not trouble your grace with long writing but in my realm, you are everything I'm writing to. No more for now.

Taking an oath after the Katherine of Oregon,lastly, do I vow that my eyes desire you above all things; my resolution is taken by you. Allah always has you in keeping. Pray to Him and

Do love me well.

Your future own
Che Engku Amin Che Engku Aziz

Monday, March 1, 2010

Geli ??

So some asses wanted to vomit ?

Vomit lah. Hah muntah muntah la babi (bukan babi kesayangan aku, babi lain)

Take your time laughing at me.